KJ | wake | 16 JUN 16 | OWNREC70
Digital only. wake lives in the interstitial state between dreaming and reality; ambient textures trace evanescent dawn light against the soft contours of sleep. Melodies shimmer into view and dissolve. The New York-based producer hides flashes of feeling within subdued landscapes, sparkling in the quiet depth. Glimpses of romance and loss hover just out of reach. As a filmmaker kj is inspired by the way soundtracks shape narrative from a place beyond language. wake takes a cinematic approach to the people and places that live on the outskirts of memory. This is music from nowhere that can follow you anywhere. RIYL: Ulf Lohmann, William Basinski, Celer, Stars of the Lid
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BRIGHTER LATER | The Wolves | 04 DEC 15 | OWNVIN69
12'' vinyl. The Wolves is the debut from Brighter Later — the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jaye Kranz and collaborators. It was written and produced by Kranz in her home, an old church in Melbourne, Australia, with the help of bandmate Virginia Bott. It’s an intoxicating collection of songs, radiating a half-lit intimacy found only in the early hours of the morning. Each track is wonderfully unhurried and a world unto itself. Swinging from majestic pastoralia, Kranz’s silvery voice emerging above beds of gauzy harmonies, synths and reverbed guitar — to the sparse beauty of songs that have deliberately shed their layers. This is “music you can imagine to”.
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DAVID ANDREE + JOSH MASON | Call, Response | 01 JAN 14 | OWNVIN68
12'' vinyl. Call, Response was conceived of as a long distance musical conversation between Mason & Andree. A single take of material performed by one artist was recorded to magnetic tape and sent to the other with the restriction that accompaniment be recorded in real time as well, closely simulating a live performance. Over time, as the players learned more about each other and their methods, an overarching quality to the body of work developed from their shared sensibilities. The call and response format allowed the voice of each artist to be present, interacting and intersecting, within a murky atmosphere punctuated by melodic fragments and moments of clarity.
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WOODWORKINGS | day breaks the morning shapes we speak | 12 DEC 13 | OWNVIN67
Limited edition 12'' vinyl. woodworkings is the neoclassical and ambient music of Kyle Woodworth. day breaks the morning shapes we speak features much of its predecessor’s strong base of piano, cellos and guitars, but makes significant departures in tonal shifts, song structure, themes, scope and ambition. The new album is about distance and states—meaning both state of place and state of mind. At the end it is a tired and quiet triumph, but a triumph nonetheless, and day breaks the morning shapes we speak may offer the most beautiful tracks woodworkings has released yet.
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PAUSAL | Sky Margin | 11 SEP 2013 | Vinyl + Digital | OWNVIN66
Limited edition 12'' vinyl. Pausal is the audio and visual art project of Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton, both from Hampshire, UK. Sky Margin continues their exploration of combining mostly acoustic sound sources (instruments, field and vinyl recordings) with digital and guitar pedal processing. Although somewhat lighter in tone than it's emphatic predecessor, it once again sees the drier and noisier textures rising to the forefront whilst retaining much of the reverb-heavy drone based elements that have consistently marked their work. They have performed across the UK and in Europe supporting artists such as Grouper, Mountains, Stars of the Lid, Chihei Hatakeyama and Greg Haines.
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JARED SMITH | Fjall | 07 MAY 2013 | Vinyl + Digital | OWNVIN65
Limited edition 12'' white vinyl. Jared Smith is a musician, photographer, and programmer living in San Francisco. In his third release, Fjall, meaning “mountain” in Icelandic, he provides a stripped down departure from his previous albums. Whether it’s the melodic rapping of a flagpole in front of Hallgrímskirkja church, the hollow clatter of a loose street-tile along Bergstaðastræti, or even the warm, comforting sound of coffee brewing from within flat in Reykjavík, He is able to find the music in the micro and the mundane. Fjall explores the fear that disables enjoyment of beautiful moments, the fear of repeating mistakes, the fear of what a new path will bring.
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MELODíA | Saudades | 14 FEB 2013 | Vinyl + Digital | OWNVIN64
Limited edition 12'' vinyl. Saudades is the debut by Melodía, the duo of Federico Durand and Tomoyoshi Date. Fede is a musician who lives in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born in San Paulo, Brazil, where he lived until the age of three, Tomo currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. They both share a profound passion for music. They both released a solo album on Own Records in 2011 and a few months later (Spring 2012) went to Europe for a common tour where they first met and where they decided to record an album together which was mastered by their friend Stephan Mathieu.
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TINY RUINS | Some Were Meant For Sea | 30 MAY 2012 | LP | OWNVIN#63
Limited edition 12'' vinyl with bonus track. Both vocally & instrumentally, Some Were Meant For Sea exists in dappled warmness: Hollie Fullbrook’s striking timbre recalling a smooth Jolie Holland & conjuring a similar natural imagery born from earth & sea. Bound by their delicate nature, her songs lay within a space & time all their own: It is a mannered album, one whose traditional arrangements & classic key are gently commanding & reminiscent of folk’s greatest storytellers: She writes with humour and fantasy of cats in hallways, journeys taking flight on moonlight, priests who float into the sky on strings of balloons.
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GOOD NIGHT & GOOD MORNING | Narrowing Type | 25 APR 2012 | LP | OWNVIN#62
Narrowing Type, the first full length album in Good Night & Good Morning’s five year history, is an exploration of the darker side of nostalgia, texture, and delicacy. Recorded entirely in home studios between Chicago and Milwaukee, Narrowing Type retains GN&GM’s vibraphone and guitar core but uses the addition of drums while detouring into sublime realms of static and noise to leave you with deconstructed yet thickened pop music heard and felt through a haze of fog. Limited 12'' vinyl mastered by Taylor Deupree (12k). RIYL: Grouper, The American Analog Set, Stars of the Lid, Low, Jesu.
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CHARGE GROUP | Charge Group | 20 MAR 2012 | CD | OWNREC#61
‘Charge Group’ - the long-awaited second album from Sydney’s cinematic art-rock antiheroes. The band have spawned a sonic feast of epic proportions that the 2008 acclaimed debut ‘Escaping Mankind’ hinted at, and have proven it’s entirely possible to evoke the chaotic splendour of early Velvets, the kinetic power of Battles and the heady symphonic majesty of Sigur Ros all at once. "Charge Group’s triumph is their ability to marry moments of unbridled beauty with complete sonic chaos at a level scarcely matched." Time Off - RIYL: Deerhunter, The Dirty Three, The Velvet Underground, Fugazi.
WILLAMETTE | always in postscript | 21 JAN 2012 | LP | OWNVIN#60
willamette compose minimal works for tape, silence, voice and various stringed instrumentation. Romantic music for the old and lackluster, the compositions of willamette are characterized by meticulous notation and uncommon symmetry, emphasizing the importance of space and volume. The classical fugues of their recordings offer a distinctly austere nostalgia, not only capturing the air of an old Delerue record playing in a distant room, but the sound of the room itself. This music was written for the film All the Lines Flow Out by Charles Lim Yi Yong. Limited 10'' vinyl mastered by Taylor Deupree (12k) and cut by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich (Dubplates & Mastering).
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TOMOYOSHI DATE | Otoha | 11 NOV 2011 | CD | OWNREC#59
Born in San Paulo, Brazil, where he lived until the age of three, Tomoyoshi Date currently resides in Tokyo, Japan where he works as an iER doctor who practices an integrated approach of Eastern and Western medicines. He creates acoustic and organic sounds with a little touch of digital processing producing a very original minimal music that combines the warmth of Brazil with the delicateness of Japan. Otoha was composed on piano, played at night between the period when Date was informed his daughter was expected and the day before her birth. His daughter Otoha's name means “the sound of leaves”.
portfolio | An Artbox
Limited edition (150 copies)

portfolio is an artbox created by our friend Emile. It contains poems, drawings, illustrations & photographs by precious contributors.

Plus a music compilation One Decade of Introspection curated by Own Records.

THOMAS MERY | Les couleurs, les ombres | 31 MAY 2011 | CD | OWNREC#58
Whether it was with his band Purr, by experimenting on stage or by turning to a more straight forward folk music in 2006, Mery has never ceased to search. On Les couleurs, les ombres sung mainly in French, Mery deconstructs the code of folk music. Acoustic guitars form the base for other acoustic instruments to build upon while lyrically, Mery filters everyday life’s impulses through the more volatile matter of dreams, creating songs that are modern yet timeless, personal and non-referential, songs that allow the daring listener to penetrate an intimate and singular world. Six tracks that open new doors and demonstrate how far he has come. RIYL: Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Dominique A, Purr.
MOMBI | The Wounded Beat | 25 APR 2011 | CD | OWNREC#57
The Wounded Beat is an album of dark, moody folk set to a subtle backdrop of ethereal atmospherics. Each track paints a different shade of beautiful melancholy through soft, weighty vocals, layered guitars, keys and hazy electronics. Songwriting duo Kael Smith and Matt Herron spent nearly 3 years sculpting hours of material into 8 cohesive songs that flow seamlessly, and are devoid of any fat or excess. Recorded and mixed by Keith Kenniff of Helios, Goldmund etc., The Wounded Beat is a warm and intimate listen, with the perfect amount of optimism lurking amidst its lonely sounds. RIYL: Bon Iver, Innocence Mission, The Sight Below, Sun Kil Moon.
FEDERICO DURAND | El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas | 28 MAR 2011 | CD | OWNREC#56
Federico Durand’s music is a weave of sound searching introspection and delight through simple melodies and field-recordings, made in the heart of Argentina. Federico adores books, autumn and Earl Grey tea. Past releases include “La siesta del ciprés” (The nap of the cypress) on the Japanese label Spekk and “El libro de los árboles mágicos” (The book of magical trees) on Home Normal. “El éxtasis de las flores pequeñas” (The ecstasy of little flowers), his first album for Own Records, evokes a passage with his grandparents to the woods in the Argentinean South, a mystical trip towards the gardens of childhood. RIYL: Vikki Jackman, Hildegard von Bingen, Colleen.
TALONS' | Songs for Boats | 14 FEB 2011 | CD | OWNREC#55
Songs for Boats is an album of love songs at the end of the world. It is a new folk music made to resonate now rather than endure for decades. Written while M. Tolan was living/studying in Spain and the world was sliding into recession, these boat songs came into being as he wondered how he would get home once the world fell apart. This album was recorded at home in Akron, Ohio throughout 2010 with the help of friends whose contributions in the form of varied acoustic instruments, woodwinds and lapsteel create a delicate world within which the songs come alive, sway, and pull themselves along towards humble, hopeful ends. RIYL: Will Oldham, Pullman, Califone, Destroyer.
GOOD NIGHT & GOOD MORNING | s/t | 11 JAN 2011 | CD | OWNREC#54
Interested in the space between subtle songwriting and cascading soundscapes, Chicago-based Good Night & Good Morning aims to balance intimacy, distance, warmth and atmosphere. On record these songs are tracked with delicacy, while live they are presented as an aural/visual performance. RIYL: American Analog Set, Low, Spokane, Grouper, Stars of the Lid.
SQUARES ON BOTH SIDES | Salt Meadows | 22 SEP 2010 | CD | OWNREC#53
squares on both sides is the project of Daniel Bürkner, who has been recording silent tones for several years, working on the verge between abstract structures and reduced songwriting. Recorded in a forest house in southern Bavaria, acoustic guitars, pianos, ukuleles and melodicas carry Bürkner’s sedate singing and complex electronics to form songs that actually manage to be close in a very unpretentious way. RIYL: Bill Callahan, Múm, Sylvain Chauveau.
NATUREBOY | Natureboy | 07 JUL 2010 | CD | OWNREC#52
Natureboy is the musical project of Sara Kermanshahi, a first generation American of Iranian descent. A musical collaboration with Cedar Apffel and Rory O’Connor (Masterface). Natureboy weaves loops, waves of guitar, synth, bass, and drums with acoustic folk to create a haunting synthesis of moody and intelligent, melodic and angular music. Her lyrics are both starkly emotional and strangely evocative; drawing the listener into a strange and resonant world that persists long after the music is over. What emerges is gorgeous, vulnerable, and almost threatening. RIYL: Bon Iver, Beach House, Cat Power, Mazzy Star.
TRAVELS | Robber on the Run | 10 JUN 2010 | CD | OWNREC#51
Travels, a super-duo featuring Mona Elliott of Victory at Sea and Anar Badalov of Metal Hearts, creates songs that are unmistakably original and inhabit intimate and honest space. Robber on the Run sees them step into an intense, eloquent world of sparse, finger-picked guitars, rattling synths and pianos, interplaying voices and stunning harmonies. The lyrics are collectively surreal, weaving listeners in and out of dreams and mundane realities, and every song is both concise yet monumental, never stretching past the 3-minute mark. RIYL: Victory at Sea, Metal Hearts, Sparklehorse, Low, Yo La Tengo.
S | im not as good at it as you | 08 APR 2010 | CD | OWNREC#50
S is Jenn Ghetto, co-leader of sorely missed Carissa's Wierd. The songs on her new album are shining with Ghetto's singular ability to write lyrics that are devastating in their honesty and unfettered in their elegance. The issue of relationships, and whether they should be cultivated or abandoned, is the prevailing theme of im not as good at it as you, a smart, artfully-crafted album for all the patiently devoted – and those soon-to-be – fans of S. RIYL: Carissa's Wierd, Elliott Smith, John Frusciante, Lisa Germano, Built To Spill, Grand Archives, Low, Tiny Vipers.
TROUBLE BOOKS | Gathered Tones | 03 MAR 2010 | CD | OWNREC#49
Trouble Books have cultivated another garden lush with colorful and odd sounds, loops, and drones to walk through and explore. Beautiful pop songs blossom from under synthesizer swells and guitar clouds, later to be buried in noise or drift off into ambient atmospherics. A unique, yet warm and welcoming, home-recorded album. RIYL: The Microphones, Broadcast, Brian Eno.
CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA | Ghostly Garden | 01 FEB 2010 | CD | OWNREC#48
Chihei Hatakeyama is a sound artist and musician living on the outskirts of Tokyo. He polychromes memory-evoking soundscapes with various recorded materials of electric and acoustic instruments such as electric guitars, vibraphone and piano. With releases on Kranky, Room 40, Under the Spire, Hibernate Records, Magic Book Records and Spekk (as Opitope), he has quickly established a solid and unique footing in the emotive ambient music genre. RIYL: Stephan Mathieu, Greg Davis, Lawrence English, Celer.
THE GREEN KINGDOM | Twig and Twine | 01 NOV 2009 | CD | OWNREC#47
The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone, a graphic designer and sound artist based in Michigan. His compositions blur the line between soundscape and structure, utilizing a variety of processed acoustic and electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings. RIYL: Mountains, Shuttle358, Fenton, The Boats, Sawako, Harold Budd.
FIREKITES | The Bowery | 01 OCT 2009 | CD | OWNREC#46
Named after the abandoned dance hall in which it was recorded, The Bowery is a breath-taking debut album for Australian musical collective, Firekites. Formed in 2005 by Tim McPhee and Rod Smith, the band has blossomed organically, twirling between half-awake folk and lo-fi electronica. With vocals and guitar provided by McPhee of instrumental architects The Instant, backing vocals offered by Jane Tyrrell of powerful hip-hop act The Herd, and members of Pivot, Charge Group and Josh Pyke's touring band, Firekites are an accomplished group of songwriters who have married lush composition with musical subtlety. RIYL: Nick Drake, Kings of Convenience, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, The National.
TALONS' | Songs for Babes | 02 SEP 2009 | CD | OWNREC#45
In his "Songs for Babes", Mike Tolan has captured the faces of our Great Recession. Talons' might not make much sense in whatever utopia or dystopia awaits our world a decade from now, but the part-time workers, young mothers, and anxious girlfriends in these songs resonate strongly in our nervous & disappointed early 21st century. Janky folk guitars, diverse fumbling instrumentation, ambient sounds and field recordings, crunch-wrapped together under resigned singing from Mr. Tolan himself. Timely and wonderful. RIYL: Will Oldham, Hayden, M. Ward.
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CHARGE GROUP | Escaping Mankind | 22 MAY 2009 | CD | OWNREC#44
"Their sound exists on a knife edge, balancing perfectly between emotion-fueled freedom and complete fragility. Well-controlled silence, mountain-sized whirling soundscapes and orchestral intermissions." This stunning debut from the Sydney four-piece has won universal praise in their native country for its flowing beauty, ambition and genre-defiance. Put simply, Charge Group play loud dynamic rock music (with an electric guitar, a violin, an electric bass and a set of drums) that can instigate sorrow, health, rapture, rapid eye movement, toothache and intrusive self-assessment all at once. They will light your way home then welcome you at the door with a punch in the guts. RIYL: Dirty Three, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Low.
TROUBLE BOOKS | The United Colors of Trouble Books | 08 APR 2009 | CD | OWNREC#43
Trouble Books had been releasing limited-edition recordings from their drafty Akron, Ohio living room for several years before sitting down with blank cassettes to collect all of their best ambient, experimental pop ideas onto one album. Recorded during the cold, abbreviated daylight of early winter, “The United Colors of Trouble Books” is all tape warmth, drifting guitar swells, diverse instrumentation, and lopsided loops. RIYL: The Microphones, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine.
SQUARES ON BOTH SIDES | Indication | 14 FEB 2009 | CD | OWNREC#42
Squares on both sides, project of Munich and Berlin based multi-instrumentalist Daniel Buerkner, arranges silent guitars, pianos, chimes and melodicas to create cautious and intimate compositions. On indication, his third album to date, Buerkner’s singing forms clear superior structures that are fragmented by subtle electronics and field recordings from a temple market in Kyoto. Closeness and reduction, contrasted with playful elements remain the focus of indication, which features guest appearances by Yasuhiko Fukuzono (aka aus). RIYL: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Nathan Michel, Gastr Del Sol, Mark Hollis, The Books.
UZI & ARI | Headworms | 15 OCT 2008 | LP | OWNVIN#41
180 gr. heavy black 12” vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve

Uzi & Ari have awakened! In contrast to their previous effort, "Headworms" exposes a very lucid and exuberant band with a newfound urgency. I imagine Shepard standing on a chair in the center of a room, encumbered by a large coterie of instruments, dancing wildly, dipping his brush into the palette of sounds that surround him to fashion just the right rhythms and crescendos to color his canvas. RIYL: Radiohead, Múm, Sigur Ros, The National.
UZI & ARI | Headworms | 15 OCT 2008 | CD | OWNREC#41
Uzi & Ari have awakened! In contrast to their previous effort, "Headworms" exposes a very lucid and exuberant band with a newfound urgency. I imagine Shepard standing on a chair in the center of a room, encumbered by a large coterie of instruments, dancing wildly, dipping his brush into the palette of sounds that surround him to fashion just the right rhythms and crescendos to color his canvas. RIYL: Radiohead, Múm, Sigur Ros, The National.
TAUGHTME | Lady | 02 SEP 2008 | CD | OWNREC#40
TaughtMe's songs are solemn and restless. Vows or confessions are sung amidst a canvas of shifting instrumentation and unexpected sounds. Their 3rd album, "Lady", is more sparse an offering than those prior, with the narrator stepping further into the foreground as the accompaniment weaves or bobs behind him. "Lady" has been said to resemble a children's 'pop-up' book and there is indeed a sense of youthful wonder throughout. But the album does not remain buoyant, and several times it succombs to melancholy and a weariness that begs.
KHALE | Sleepworks | 23 MAY 2008 | CD | OWNREC#39
Sleepworks is a lush creation that flows naturally. Guided by Kael Smith’s gently melodic vocals, pop-hooks and poetic lyricism, and supported by the teamwork of keyboardist Matt Herron and the deep undercurrent of Jme White’s multi-instrumentation and inventive production. Sleepworks is exemplified by a strong group of 10 songs including the sweet and lithe “Sister’s Curiosity,” the perfect buoyant pop of “Caldas” and hypnotic layers of “The Living Desert.” R.I.Y.L – The Notwist, Brian Eno, Idaho or The One AM Radio
GREGOR SAMSA | Rest | 25 APR 2008 | LP | OWNVIN#38
Double vinyl 2 x 12” in a beautiful gatefold sleeve
+ European tour poster (free until stock lasts)
+ Shipping costs included

On their third full length, Rest, Brooklyn based Gregor Samsa expands on their affinity for minimal, classical instrumentation mixed with manipulated sound and male/female vocals. This album demonstrates a more focused and refined sound, with an emphasis on piano and the integration of new instrumentation such as the clarinet, vibraphone and celeste.
GREGOR SAMSA | Rest | 25 APR 2008 | CD | OWNREC#38
On their third full length, Rest, Brooklyn based Gregor Samsa expands on their affinity for minimal, classical instrumentation mixed with manipulated sound and male/female vocals. This album demonstrates a more focused and refined sound, with an emphasis on piano and the integration of new instrumentation such as the clarinet, vibraphone and celeste.
THE DUST DIVE | Claws of Light | 16 NOV 2007 | CD | OWNREC#37
Weird, warm, and captivating, Brooklyn-based trio the Dust Dive returns with Claws of Light, a collection of songs that evoke “a deftly manipulated Americana.” The album was recorded by Jason Loewenstein (Sebadoh, Fiery Furnaces), who was compelled to contribute drums on several tracks. Violin, guitar, piano, acoustic reed organ, musical saw, sampled radios, field recordings, and uncommonly vivid verse soar with gritty equanimity and “mythological twang.” RIYL: Dirty Three, Camper Van Beethoven, Roy Orbison, Bonnie Prince Billy, Ennio Morricone, Radar Brothers, Daniel Johnston.
WORRYTRAIN | Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom | 19 OCT 2007 | CD | OWNREC#36
Over the last five years Worrytrain, living outside of Chicago, has quietly surfaced. From tapping cinematic and experimental fields, to blending genres such as modern classical and noise. The instruments most often heard are mandolin, piano and cello making melodies that are often gentle yet violent. RIYL: Rachel’s, Stars of The Lid, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, A Silver Mt. Zion.
SIX TWILIGHTS | S/t | 29 JUN 2007 | CD+DVD | OWNREC#35
Six Twilights' music music is a collection of carefully recorded bits of hushed, delicate male and female vocals, warm acoustic guitars and melancholy piano all rearranged in non-repetative patterns which sometimes resemble songs in the traditional sense and sometimes veer more towards ambient electronic atmospheres. The accompaning DVD is a visual counterpoint to the music: tiny moments of nostalgic, essentialized forms swaying and bending to the warm rushes of sound. RIYL: Fennesz, Sigur Rós, Carissa's Wierd, Marcus Pop, Múm, Hood, RF.
BEXAR BEXAR | Tropism | 08 APR 2007 | CD | OWNREC#34
Based in Austin, TX, Bexar Bexar creates instrumental pieces using damaged analog electronics, acoustic guitars, and digital manipulation. With his sophomore release, Tropism, Bexar Bexar, trades the beats and rhythms of Haralambos for dense oceany drones and melancholy guitar melodies. Over multiple listens Tropism's subtle details slowly come to the surface. RIYL: Fennesz, Labradford, Brian Eno, Mountains, Bibio.
UZI & ARI | It is freezing out | 02 NOV 2006 | CD | OWNREC#33
Channeling all of the lovely, tinkly, shimmery sounds under the sun, It is Freezing Out features an array of creeping melodies, translucent blips and bleeps and precise arrangements. RIYL: Múm, Sigur Rós, Radiohead, Björk, The Postal Service, Efterklang.
GREGOR SAMSA | 55:12 | 31 MAR 2006 | LP | OWNVIN#32
After the release of two stellar EP's, Gregor Samsa delivers their much anticipated debut full length. 55:12 is an eight song journey submerged in dreamy, multi-layered atmospherics. The band blurs the lines of ambient and indie, from heavy and dark one moment to hushed and serene the next, all while angelic guy/girl vocals drift overhead. Mixed by Brian Paulson (Slint, Wilco, Beck).
GREGOR SAMSA | 55:12 | 31 MAR 2006 | CD | OWNREC#32
After the release of two stellar EP's, Gregor Samsa delivers their much anticipated debut full length. 55:12 is an eight song journey submerged in dreamy, multi-layered atmospherics. The band blurs the lines of ambient and indie, from heavy and dark one moment to hushed and serene the next, all while angelic guy/girl vocals drift overhead. Mixed by Brian Paulson (Slint, Wilco, Beck).
THE DUST DIVE | Asleep or awake walk | 02 DEC 2005 | CD | OWNREC#31
Their unconventional sound borrows from ill American landscapes, edge-city teenage hangouts, and overgrown, overlooked places. The trio's songs possess the quirky sincerity of a youth recital while burrowing into decidedly mesmerizing, urban pastoral, and ghostly terrain. RIYL: Smog, Palace, Dirty Three, The Velvet Underground.
31KNOTS | Talk like blood | 11 OCT 2005 | CD | OWNREC#30
Talk Like Blood heralds the advent of the new 31Knots. Having released a string of critically acclaimed albums on Michigan-based label 54°40' or Fight!, 31Knots return with arguably their finest and most challenging album to date. Recorded by Jay Pellicci (Erase Errata, Deerhoof) and Scott Solter (Spoon, Okkervil River).
31KNOTS | The curse of the longest day | 01 NOV 2004 | CDEP | OWNREC#29
31Knots fuses complex rhythms with jagged guitars for mathematical songs that zig-zag through changes and anxious start-stop riffs, calling to mind Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, the Ex, and even Fugazi's more challenging work.
GREGOR SAMSA | 27:36 | 04 FEB 2004 | CDEP | OWNREC#28
Young band from Richmond, Virginia, Gregor Samsa blends the dynamic range of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the melodic subtleties of Slowdive, Low and The Cocteau Twins, and the swirling guitar maelstrom of my Bloody Valentine into a fusion of hushed atmospherics and disorienting noisescapes.